Cardboard Castles and Other Amenities...

I am really interested in using different forms of cultural action to help build better communities. Communities are a vital social model, allowing us to tackle problems beyond the ability of individuals with the focus of a defined (usually relatively small) group of people. How do the arts and cultural work in general help communities grow more sustainable futures? If you have a cool website or project or your own ideas on these subjects please let me know.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Starting Off

Hey all!

I started this blogg to explore and share what there is out their on the subject of community development through cultural action (art). Some of the questions I will explore are what is community? What do communities provide for their members? What resources are necessary for a functioning community? What are the different kinds of community (geographic, identity, politics, web, etc.)? How does the different ways of defining community affect their ability to help their members? And in what ways can art and culture be used to develop better communities? I hope this becomes a valuable resource for other people interested in community development through art.


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