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I am really interested in using different forms of cultural action to help build better communities. Communities are a vital social model, allowing us to tackle problems beyond the ability of individuals with the focus of a defined (usually relatively small) group of people. How do the arts and cultural work in general help communities grow more sustainable futures? If you have a cool website or project or your own ideas on these subjects please let me know.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Giving Your Great-Great-Grand Kids Will Appreciate

I have decided to take Christmas a little bit more seriously this year than in years past. Meaning I’m going to go to the cheap DVD store the day before Christmas and buy all my family DVDs, it is just a little to tacky, even for me.

So, I have been trying to get on ball with my holiday gifts. It is also important to me to put in the effort of giving responsibly. So here are a few things I have come up with. Warning if you are in my family you may be about to read what you are getting for Christmas. Do you really want to ruin the surprise???

The first idea I had was homemade Kahlua or infused vodka. While looking for a recipe online I came across a nifty sight Wikihow and its recipe for homemade Kahlua. Warning I have not sampled the Kahlua, as it takes a couple of weeks to infuse properly.

Another idea I’ve written about before is Etsy, an EBay for homemade goods.

The last tip I have is to check out Inhabitat’s Green Gift Guide. Here are a few interesting gifts I saw. There are many more and are worth a look.

Stocking Stuffers

Great things come in small packages, and these vials of tree saplings from Arbor Day Foundation make the perfect gift that grows. Choose from Redwood, Pine, or Spruce, and give the gift of flora.

$3 from Gift Trees

These quirky little creatures, made of decomposing natural latex rubber, sprout into melons, tomatoes, and pumpkins. So cute you may not want to plant them, Plant-Me Pets make great desktop companions and are the ideal gift for that impossible-to-buy-for individual on your list.

$20 from Branch Home

Gifts That Give Back

Give the gift of light this year with the BOGO light - a fabulous solar-powered flashlight that costs just $25 - AND with your purchase of the flashlight, one is donated to someone who needs it in a developing country. We’ve written about it before because we love the product and the idea. Give the gift of light!

$25 from Bogolight

Here’s a gift that truly gives back. The beautifully designed One Laptop Per Child computer is the greenest computer around - combing education and social development with ingenious energy efficient product design. Best part? When you buy one of these beautifully designed uber-green computers for a needy child in a developing country, you get one for a little one in your life as well.

Donate-One-Get-One offer lasts through Dec 31st

(Picture credit Inhabitat)

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